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xx people are walking counterclockwise

4 April 2020 is Qingming Festival, the day we commemorate the dead.

However, because of the epidemic, most people were unable to visit graves and pay tribute to their loved ones. This is an online space in memory of COVID-19 victims.

It takes you to the Hongshan Auditorium in Wuhan, the place where the “Two Sessions” of Hubei were held in January 2020. You can leave your name here to join the counter-clockwise walk and commemorate the lost life.

Each visitor will leave a walking path of their own, and these trajectories collectively will be turned into an online monument. This monument will permanently stand in front of Wuhan Hongshan Auditorium on major map websites.

We shall never forget our pain and tear. Neither should we stop examining the systematic problems exposed during the crisis, and strive for a better future.


Original Concept

Jiabao Li


Jiabao Li, Huiyi Chen, Rui An


Rui An, Huiyi Chen

Modeling & Rendering

Jiabao Li


Hongbin Zheng


Lu Wang (dk)

Special Thanks

Jing Xiong